Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando 2015

How much unique content (compared to the website) is there in the last Unofficial Guide to Universal? Many of the pages on the website read like sections of the book.

I am trying to figure out if it is worth buying. Thank you

I just realized that this book is not available until August 2015. Is there a current edition that has been updated for Diagon Alley?

Paging @Skubersky for the official answer

TouringPlans is the companion website for the Unofficial Guide so there is overlap in the text. The 2015 Unofficial Guide to WDW has Diagon Alley info that was written around the grand opening last summer. The current website info comes from the new upcoming UG to Universal, which has everything on the website plus much more. Since I wrote it, I think it’s worth the $16… :wink:


OK, maybe the official somewhat biased answer… :wink:


@Skubersky I guess I’ve been out of the Universal loop… didn’t you used to be the Disneyland go-to dude-blogger for TP? I guess you moved to Florida? Kudos on the book authorship.

I wish the 2015 guide were available now in advance of my March trip. I guess I will need to read the website information for now.

Sorry, I still have to finish writing the thing :wink:

The kindle edition of the WDW2015 Unofficial Guide has UOR info that was updated since Diagon opened.

Thanks! I’ve always lived in Orlando, but for contractual reasons I could only cover Disneyland for TP/UG. Now I’m free to work on WDW & UOR for them too!