Unofficial Guide availability in UK

Hey Disney Peeps,

I am a longtime Unofficial Guide fan from the UK - I have devoured several copies of the WDW edition and loved the Washington DC version. My lovely wife tried to buy me the Disneyland Unofficial Guide for Xmas 2020. It was delayed so she tried to get it for me in time for my birthday… and then for Christmas 2021… and then for my next birthday. No luck and she is still getting messages saying it won’t be available for a few months. We’ve tried Amazon and a few other big online retailers in the UK but don’t seem to be able to get it anywhere. @len HEEEELLLPPP!

One of the greatest pleasures of a Disney trip is the planning and one of the greatest pleasures of the planning is…the Unofficial Guide! Any advice on how we can get a copy would be much appreciated.

I’m waiting impatiently too. I preordered it in August from Amazon. The last time I looked on there, I could get it through a 3rd party seller and they were obviously getting it from the US because it was a 3 week shipping time. I didn’t go for it but the longer I wait the more I think I should.

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It’s available? The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2022 (The Unofficial Guides): Kubersky, Seth, Sehlinger, Bob, Testa, Len, Selga Jr., Guy: 9781628091274: Books

Not in the U.K.

ETA it looks like you can order it now on Amazon U.K. and get it delivered by Amazon US which is an improvement but obviously more expensive to get it imported.

I’m seeing a delivery date in a week’s time on (with free delivery!) but my wife’s order is still outstanding and she’s getting a message telling her to expect receipt in March!

Mine is outstanding too with no expected date at all.


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I have the PDF if anyone is in desperately in need before a trip. Thanks for ordering it!


I’m more impatient than desperate so I’ll hang on a bit longer thank you. Do you know why it’s been held up? I’m assuming just the general supply chain issues but it would be good to know if there’s more to it.

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That would be aMAZing @len. What’s the easiest way to do that? Do you need my email address? Thanks again!

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I’m guessing it’s supply chain. We have plenty of books in the US.


Yeah, just send me an email, please:

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