Unofficial Guide 2017 vs. With Kids Edition

I see that the 2017 Unofficial Guide is out now, but the With Kids version isn’t due out until next month. We are making a pilgrimage to WDW next June with DS4 and DS7. Should I give in to the ants in my pants and get the all purpose UG or should I hold out for the With Kids version?

with kids!!

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I’ve had (older editions of) both, plus the Color Companion to Walt Disney World (which is pretty, but not the best for planning). According to the description on page 2 of my With Kids guide, it’s meant to “work in conjunction with the Big Book”, and then it goes on to say it’s a “complete guide”, so even the authors are of 2 minds.

With kids that young, maybe the extra info in the With Kids is probably more relevant to you? It’s a toss-up!

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I just received an email from Amazon that my order will be coming soon for “Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World with Kids 2017”. Check Amazon out!! :grinning:

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I had the same question! We are going in late Nov with a 12, 9, and 5 year old, and our 9 month old. Seems like a no-brainer to get the Kids edition, but I hate to think about what I’m missing out on by not getting the Standard edition. We’ve been before (last year), but not using the guide or, so we’re interested in some more advanced strategy as well. I see the Tables of Contents for both on Amazon, but it’s so hard to judge. Has anyone read both? Thoughts on the differences between the two? What will I miss out on from one to the other?

I’ve read both, (these were the 2014 editions) plus the Color Companion. The With Kids edition had sections with a deeper focus on the issues and considerations of bringing kids (especially young kids, IIRC) to Walt Disney World. Plus, there were reviews from several young people interspersed. The tone is a bit different, too.

The standard edition is bigger, I think. It covered more groups, I think. It’s hard to remember; I read it first. The With Kids edition did repeat a lot of information. I must confess that I haven’t bought a paper version of the Guide (except the Color Companion, which is full of pictures) since I got a website subscription. I would say virtually all the printed information is on the website. So, if you want to be sure to get all the information, just read the website cover to cover. :slight_smile: