Unlimited Express Pass

We are going to US next Thanksgiving. I was curious if anyone on here went this Thanksgiving. If so, did you get the unlimited Express pass and what kind of wait did you have with it? Thanks!

We went this Thanksgiving week and stayed at the Portofino specifically to get the unlimited express passes for our group of 6. It was worth it. We also wanted the early park admission to Harry Potter. I was originally planning to be at a Disney hotel the entire time but switched to a split stay to get these perks once I priced out the cost of getting the express passes for Universal without their hotel. We had almost no waits with Universal Express, but we were only at U for the Sat - Mon of Thanksgiving week (this year Nov 23 - 25). I’m sure it was more crowded there later in the week when we’d transitioned to Disney. Some attractions just by their nature took longer than others, such as the Hogwarts Express one of the directions was awhile to load.