Universal's Passholder Appreciation party

Has anyone done this? Any tips? I missed snagging reservations last month but some more randomly opened up yesterday and I managed to get 3 for our family of 4. It would only let you reserve one at a time so I’m hoping to be able to get a fourth before August 18th. I already had a pass for the hotel discounts and once I got the reservations I called to swap the kids’ and DH’s 2-plus-3 day tickets for seasonal annual passes. Basically we paid $25 each for the switch to 3 APs to go to this free event, which compared to the EMM and DAH and MNSSHP prices feels like a steal. The TM who helped me was so great that I’m looking forward to our trip even more. Is there a TM compliments line for Universal the way there is for Disney?

Anyway, the 18th is the day we arrive in Orlando so once we get to our hotel around 11 we’ll be heading over to the park to activate the passes and our photo package, then I figure we’ll chill out at the hotel, maybe head back 4ish to see a bit of both USF and IOA, and then spend 8-midnight at the party in USF. And sleep in Monday the 19th!

But back to my question – with a night in USF of lighter crowds to look forward to, what should we prioritize?

Sounds like a great deal!! You can contact Universal on Twitter or through their website to send compliments.

USF is a great park. Almost every ride, IMHO, is a hit. Of course you want to head over to WWOHP. You’ll get the bonus of being there so late at night when everything is lit up.

I’m a big Simpsons fan and enjoy walking through that whole area they way Harry Potter & Star Wars fans like their areas. It’s not immersive, but highly themed. Plus, the Simpson’s ride is one of my top 3 at all of Universal’s parks. Duff beer is surprisingly yummy! It would be my regular beer if I could buy it in stores.

Make time to see the Horror Make-Up Show. It takes about 25 minutes, but it’s a great comedy show.

It might be easier to tell you what to NOT prioritize as there are so many good attractions. I’d do these after I’d had my fill of everything else - Shrek 4-D, Race thru NY, Fear Factor Live and Fast & Furious.

However, I don’t hate F&F like most people. I guess it’s because I like the movies and always walk on through the Single Rider queue. Plus, everyone told me how “bad” it was, so I had low expectations.

Finally E.T. is good to ride once. It’s very odd, but when it was built it was probably cutting edge. It’s worth doing just so when people talk about how odd it is you’ll be able to chime in.

F&F - although I like it if you get a shorter queue or go through single rider.

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I have very low expectations of F&F based on reading others’ reviews, so maybe I’ll like it too. But yes, not a priority for the night. Thanks!