Universal Touring Plan for non-Thrill Rides

What is a good touring plan for both parks at Universal for non-thrill rides.
No roller coasters for my wife and daughter
I thought there was a touring plan for this but can not find it



These might work, certainly as a basis - touring plans for parents of young children.


You also may want to take a look at the plan for Parents with Tweens

It includes the water rides at IOA (Jurassic Park River Adventure, Dudley Do-Right flume ride, Bilge Rat Barges). The Bilge Rat Barges are pretty tame. You will get soaked, but there are no big drops. Jurassic Park River Adventure has the big drop at the end, but even that doesn’t feel a scary as most flumes because the boats and wide and you have a large restraint keeping you in your seat.

My mother is afraid of heights and she rode everything on this touring plan and enjoyed it with the exception of Forbidden Journey which she did not ride (she did go through the queue with us. Non-riders can hangout in the kid swap room while the rest of the party rides). She only tolerates roller coasters that are in the dark (like Space Mountain) or that have ground around the track (like Big Thunder). She also considers Space Mountain to be “a very intense coaster.”