Universal to MK for Not So Scary

We start our trip with 2 nights at Universal before moving to WDW. Wasn’t thinking about dates and Universal will close early both nights for their Halloween party but it’s not a fit for us. Opinions on heading over to MNSSHP the day we arrive but crowded on 10/31 or going on 11/1 after all day touring? Or should we just chill?

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It’s so hard to advise without more info. Is this your first time to Orlando? Do you have children? Group Size? How many days of trip?

Have you considered dining at CityWalk? If you really need a Disney fix when you arrive is Disney Springs and/or The Void an option?

I guess I didn’t give as much background as I thought! We’ve been twice and the kids are now tweens. It wasn’t so much a Disney fix as having nothing the first 2 nights of our vacation (later on we’ll probably want that break). When we gave the kids a choice of Christmas or Halloween party (they’ve been to each once) they picked Christmas. My immediate reaction to the extra evenings was “well now we can do both!” but Disney Springs could be a good alternative, maybe the city walk on the other night. I haven’t heard of the void…

OMG!! It’s a completely immersive VR experience. You wear a haptic suit and visor. When you walk into a hot place, you’ll feel waves of heat. When you get “shot” by a bad guy - you suit will, painlessly, “zap” you. It’s the best VR experience I’ve ever encountered. My DW, who doesn’t really like theme parks, loves The Void. It’s the only thing she asks to do on each trip.