Universal tickets sites

where is the best site to get the best price on Universal orlando tix? For what its worth its a 2 adult 2 kid park to park for 2 days.

i have used undercover tourist. Was great, Saved lots of $$$. One thing - be fully aware of exactly the type of ticket you are buying. They are VERY good at labeling them - but sometimes you just don’t pay attention. We PURPOSEFULLY purchased tickets that had a specific expiration date to save additional $$ and they worked perfectly. Just make sure though.

Also make sure you take a picture of back of the tickets (with the #) so in case something happens (you lose them) you have a better chance of getting a replacement.

There were NO issues with adding the early morning or the Express Pass with the tickets.

Please also be aware of the PARK HOPPER (which you will need to do the Hogwarts Express) and the 3rd Park now (the water park).

Their online help was most helpful!!

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Park Savers has great prices, just be sure you’re getting the tickets you expect.

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I concur with @Tigger613 (as I often do!). I spent a lot of time searching and Undercover Tourist seems to be the best. I also like that they mail you the actual ticket. Some places only send you a voucher that then needs to be exchanged for the actual ticket when you get there, thus costing you time that could otherwise be spent drinking frozen butterbeer.

An Undercover Tourist heads up, as this just happened yesterday:

If you sign up for the Mousesavers newsletter, they have a link to UT to get additional savings over their usual discount, some of the current discounts are quite good. ($14.50 additional savings on a 4-day with Extra day free (so 5-day) Disney Base ticket.)

I needed 4 tickets, but wanted to use 2 different credit cards to maximize some credits: Amex deal on UT right now gives a one time $30 credit, and I wanted to put some money on a Barclays card so I could use a travel credit later.

So, I bought 2 tickets with each card. Right after the 2nd transaction I realized the 2nd pair of tickets didn’t have the expected additional discount. I got on UT chat and they tried to tell me that Mousesavers only allows a single discounted purchase (then told me a single purchase per month.)

Eventually they said they’d refer it to their billing department. Today I received a refund so ultimately got the full discount. UT stepped up and did the right thing, but was an unexpected annoyance.

UT says they’ll email the e-ticket within 24 hours, but I actually got them within a few minutes. All linked to our account very easily.

So, the TL;DR: Moral of the story: sign up for Mousesavers newsletter, use their UT discount link, and either buy all your tickets at once or if you need to split things up like I did, perhaps use 2 different UT accounts to make your purchases.

Did you choose to have tickets emailed, or is that now the only way they do it? Last time, they sent me the physical tickets and that is one of the things I like most about them.

You can choose physical tickets or e-tickets - I got the e-tickets so I could connect them to my account right away.

On the Disney tickets at least, there is a difference in refund policy between the two: physical tickets are refundable, e-tickets are not - although I did not read the entire policy on the refundable ones.