Universal Tickets - Can we swap?

I plan to go there with my son for 2 days while wife and daughter are away for a few days. Would it be possible for wife to then take my ticket (14 day one) and take my son a few days later?

I don’t think so. I just purchased tickets and you need to allocate a name to each one. It says they aren’t transferable.

We went in December. We had to write our name on the ticket and did the fingerprint scan the first time we went in. On the last day, the scan didn’t work. They checked the ID to match with the name on the ticket and rescan the fingerprint. I don’t think you can swap based on that.

No they scan your finger and check that ticket has name and been signed on first use( is flagged on the turnstile screen to check) If your fingerprint doesn’t work at a later date you need matching photo id for entry.