Universal tickets—all digital?

We bought dated Universal tickets online and scanned the digital codes into our Universal apps. Is that all we need at the park? Do we only need to show our tickets when we enter the park? (We’re not using Express Pass or the photo thing.)

We were last at Universal in 2017 when we kept our paper tickets on lanyards.

You should have the QR codes in the app for all the tickets, they can scan them at the entrance.

You will still want to print them out as back up.

And if your whole party goes on RRR, Hulk, or VC, you’ll need to put your phones in lockers and have a paper ticket to retrieve your belongings.


Anything with a barcode will work on the lockers. Including photocards.


Oh, thanks, I didn’t even think about the lockers! What do people do if they show up without a printed bar code??

The TM’s have cards they can give out. They do this if the ticket reader system isn’t working properly too.