Universal spring break

Hey everyone,

I’ve been to UOR for the past few years, but never during spring break. We stayed at CB, for early entry, but never got EP. I normally make a TP, but honestly, never needed them. Has anyone on here been during spring break? How crazy is it? I’ve been to Disneyland during Easter week pre-max pass, and with the TP, it was doable.

Yes, we have been 4 of the last 5 spring breaks (end of March/early April) and will be there again 4/4-7 2019. Crowds have never been a problem, but we only stay at one of the resorts that offers express passes, so no firsthand knowledge. We did meet friends there in 2015 who were there Easter Monday-Friday (we met them Friday after a Disney cruise) and they stayed off site without express. They said they had no problem doing everything they wanted over 4 days, utilizing single rider lines a lot for the headliners. That Friday I added them to my room so they could have express, and they loved it of course, but financially it wasn’t in the cards for them.
Even at its busiest, I don’t find Universal anywhere near as crowded as Disneyland around holidays. I would try to stay at one of the resorts with express pass, it is just such a wonderful, stress free vacation. If one of you buys an annual pass, you can often book rooms for up to 40% off making it a steal with included express.

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We went this year at Spring Break, and I would STRONGLY recommend staying onsite for at least 1 night to get two days of Express Pass! We did everything in both parks, some rides multiple times, with it and it was a blast!!! Never waited more than 10 mins!

Thanks for the replies!