Universal Seasonal Pass - am I missing something?

I’m planning a trip with my son in late August for four days in the park. I can order the buy two, get two additional date tickets from Undercover Tourist for $283.55 per ticket. Or, I can purchase a Seasonal Pass for each of us for $284.99 from Universal. I’ve checked the blackout dates and we are going on dates that are NOT blacked out, so we are in the clear. The reason I may purchase the Seasonal Passes is so that we can take advantage of hotel discounts.

My plan is to go ahead and book a hotel now (likely Portofino Bay) to lock in a decent rate, then when they advertise any AP discounts in July or so, purchase the passes and change my reservation to take advantage of the discounts. Even if the discounts are 10%, that could be $100+ dollars of savings.

So, am I missing something? Why wouldn’t I do this? I think UT tickets may include taxes and the APs from Universal may not, but otherwise this seems like a no brainer. And if no good discounts come out, I can just buy the UT tickets.

Yes, get the passes. For an example on savings, last April we saved 40% at Portofino Bay. We are going again April 4-7, there are AP rates available beginning the 6th or 7th (none right around Easter). We are paying $364 a night on the 7th at Hard Rock, garden view room. Rack rate is $617.63! Huge savings. No reason not to do it.

Nope, you are not missing anything. The UT tickets do include tax and tax will be added on to the passes, but you are still coming out ahead with discounts if you get the passes. Assuming, of course, that a hotel discount is available at the time you take your trip.

Have you seen if there’s availability for hotel discounts in late August yet? Use the APH code, unlike Disney at Universal they have blocks of hotel rooms on discount so you might not be able to rebook under a rate that late.

The AP discounts currently only go out as far as the end of May. That is based on their website as well as calling the reservation line.

I was actually looking at the AP price, and saw that it was $284 ($303 with tax), and was questioning if it was worth it to me as well. UT had the buy 2 get 1, which is how many days we were planning to be there, for $263. Other than saving on a hotel, which we probably won’t use it for on this trip, is it worth having for any other reason? Also, if one person from a party has it, but nobody else does, is it worth it?

I was just on UT yesterday, and the price was $263 for two days,one day free. Today, the price for the exact same thing is $274. Is it common for the price to keep changing? Also, last week, I purchased three tickets at the $263 price from them, what’re the odds of them giving me a fourth ticket for the same price? I mean, at that price, I might as well get the AP.

I have been getting constant emails from them about an increase in ticket prices coming. Perhaps this was that increase?

I have been, too. However, I was under the impression that it had happened already.

Update: so, I called them, and they said they received the price increase overnight yesterday. The price would be $274, and they couldn’t give me the price of my other tickets because the system won’t let them override the price. So, I’m looking for help from you guys because I trust your advice. Please, please help me. With the current price of a season pass being $303 (the tax included but it may go up), is it something I should consider doing for one person? I mean, for those who have it, is it worth it? Most likely I would use it on this trip (I don’t have another planned as of now, and the hotel is paid for already).

I got a pass on my last trip in the hopes that I would have another trip and it would pay for itself between that and the hotel discount. I got a power pass, so no parking or shopping discounts that I know of. If you already have an offsite hotel and don’t think you will take another trip, I see no point. However, if you may take another trip, do it. The extra $29 will be well worth it.

UPDATE: The power pass does get 50% off parking. I did not have a car, so it was not an issue to me, but wanted to clarify that.

Thank you for your advice! Should I wait until I go there to get it if I do, or is there no difference? What I mean is, does it expire one year from use or from purchase?

Also, on the website, it says “discounts on Select Theme Park & Special Events Tickets**” what does that include?

I think it’s interesting that the only way to get your AP is at the ticket window. Why can’t they mail them if you are willing to pay for postage?

It doesn’t matter if you buy it in advance or get it there. It becomes active the first day you use it. However, I don’t know if Universal has had their price increase for the year yet, so you may want to buy it now. If you are not staying onsite, the only way to activate it is at Guest Services. If you are staying onsite, and have paid in full in advance, you can activate the pass at your hotel. If you did the payment plan, it has to be activated at Guest Services.

Using the pass, you can get discounted tickets to Universal, but that discount is off of the gate price, so it’s still cheaper to get tickets through UT or online through Universal directly. As far as other special events, I’m not sure exactly what events that refers to.

Thank you so much! I may get it in the “Incase” chance I go again. However, if the price goes up, I don’t think I will. I mean, if I lived in Florida, if I had discounts on purchases or meals, I would consider it more.

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