Universal Room Finder

Since people are booking more and more at Universal FL. Can we start getting a room finder layout like they have for Disney hotels. I think this would help greatly. I know it may be slim to none for requesting a room from Universal but it wouldn’t hurt. Plus it would help with figuring out the layout of each hotel.

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I think the trouble with getting room views at Universal is the inside entrances. I don’t know if some of them are outdoors like values and mods at Disney. You need to get in the room to get the room views.

I, literally, just booked my next trip for April. When you book you get a “Preferences” section that will ask you all sorts of questions and allow a space to fill in a request.

On my last trip I requested “high floor” and got it (and an upgrade!)

I think you’ll be happy. You can always call the hotel hotline and speak with a rep that will add a note to your reservation.

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LOL I get none of those things when I booked for Universal. For Disney sure, I get all that. And I did have them add which tower I wanted and that it was our Anniversary. Got neither the tower I requested nor any Anniversary or even the Lei that they are supposed to give out at Royal Pacific. Funny thing that the day before we were to leave they started giving everyone who arrived a Lei.

I didn’t book direct with Universal and didn’t get that. I’m not too bothered though. We don’t care, we’ll only be in the room to sleep.

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Oh I liked the room we got. A bit noisy with the traffic in the morning but that is a small issue. Just wish we had a better idea of things. First time at Universal and it was a big shock. SO used to Disney. But with the cost of their rooms and packages, we might be switching to Universal for a while.

Our rooms have been fine too. Even traffic in the morning is no big deal if you’re lining up outside the park by 7am (the Hagrid’s RD run just after it had opened).