Universal Photos - 1 Day Extenson?

Can anyone confirm if you can add a day to the photo pass? We are going for four park days and I was thinking about buying the three day and then adding the fourth if we choose to.

Orlando Informer says, “Although not widely advertised, guests on-site may purchase package extensions – one day for $24.95 or three days for $39.95.” But I have not seen that anywhere else and just wanted to confirm.


Have you already purchased the 3 day package? Also, if your planning to come back again within a year, it may make sense to buy an annual photo package. Also, depending on when you are going, they have sales that bring the price down a lot.

No, I haven’t purchased it yet and no we will not be back. We are going next week for 4 days, so if OI is correct it would be cheaper than buying the 7day package to buy a 3 day plus and an extension in the park. I just wanted to make sure that adding the extension is real thing.