Universal photo Pass Question

We are a party of 7 traveling to Universal. IN the family, the kids that are going range from 3 to 15. We will most likely split up during the day. When I looked to purchase the photo pass, it states the cost for one card. If we split up then one group will be without the card for pictures. Will they give us a 2nd card for when we split up or will we have to purchase a separate photo pass if we want to have one for the older kids and one for the younger kids?

When you get / activate your package they will give you two cards. My family is only 3 people and they still give us two cards.

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I bought the year package and activated it in August when I went. We are going again early December. Do you know if I need to activate again or am I good to go? Thanks

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Universal sells a variety of “annual” passes that range from 12 - 18 months. My advice is to go into the My Amazing Pictures app and see if you can find your expiration date. If you don’t see it you may have to call Universal.

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