Universal Orlando resorts' kids' clubs

Hi, can anybody share their recent experience with any of the kids’ clubs at the Universal resorts? The Mariner’s Club, Camp Lil’ Rock or Campo Portofino. My boys are 9 and 4, and we’re thinking of letting them play there for a couple of hours while we have a nice dinner at one of the resorts’ restaurants.

We used the Camp Portofino a couple of years ago while we visited the spa. DS (9 at that time) seemed to have a good time.

Thanks! Did it seem clean/safe? Any perceived issues with the staff?

Yes, it was clean and the staff were fine (at least I don’t recall any concerns). There were not a lot of other kids there when our son went. I think it was entirely indoors, no outside area. I am a worrier but I was comfortable with leaving our son there for a couple of hours.

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