Universal Orlando Plans

I subscribe to the WDW touring plans but for our next trip we are thinking of adding a day at Universal. So built a custom touring plan and optimized it. The wait times were great! Soooo my question is, do I not get accurate wait times come up because I dont subscribe to the Universal touring plans subscription? Or are the wait times for Universal not nearly as bad as WDW? Or did TP just optimize some magic and come up with that great of a plan? Thanks for any help you can give.

The queue at USF / IOA are a bit less than WDW, but it varies by attraction. The WWOHP still gets decent queues. Also, make sure that your custom plan isn’t assuming you have the Universal Express Pass which gives you front of line access to each ride.

This is an excellent question! I didn’t even know that you could make TPs if you didn’t have a subscription. Hmm…

I had the same thought… Why am I spending the extra $8 if a WDW subscription gets me all access? It’s not like $8 is going to break me, but it’s the principle. =)

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I only get the WDW subscription if I plan on having a trip that year. I haven’t had one for years, so I just keep renewing my Universal subscription. Last time I renewed it, it was a whopping $4, but my understanding is that has since gone up.

I bought them separately so I paid a couple dollars more than if I’d combo them at the time of purchase. I hadn’t been planning to go on a USF vacation, but the buy 2 days get 3 free with Early Park Admission was too good to pass up this year.