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Anyone have a guess when November hours will be posted, along with early entry days?

I wonder if I can convert my unused 3 park annual pass into a 2 park pass.

I would think so, it’s worth a call. I plan on going to Volcano Bay during our next trip one day the week of March 1. Luckily it will be back open by then.

I figure I’ll call in a few weeks. Let them have time to figure out the situation.

Yep, last minute and sat on the far right front row. The entrance is also moved down the street a bit. Old entrance is now a stage for Gru and others performances.

So for people that have been to Volcano Bay, on a Saturday (10/31) is it worth going for maybe 3 hours? (3-6). We paid to include VB on our park-to-park tickets- the buy 2days/get 2days- because the kids love waterparks and we were originally supposed to arrive mid-morning on 10/31. Flight got changed to arrive at 1 so I’m thinking the earliest we could get in the park is 3. Now that we can’t use them later in the trip I’m rethinking the value.

As of today they started including the haunted houses in Express Pass.

We went in the first couple of hours (10:15 and 10:40), with virtual queues and almost walked right into both. When we came back at 1:20 we waited a solid hour for Tooth Fairy. A CM agreed that it might be due to the new XP policy, and them not knowing yet how much demand there would be.

Could you get a refund for the upgrade since they are closing VB?

We were there late August and Kratatoa had no spots left by early afternoon. I don’t know about the other high demand rides, because that was the one I wanted to ride.

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You mean the policy to add haunted houses to XP? Or have there been other changes?

Yes, the policy to add XP to the houses.

The crowd yesterday made us wonder if they’re not really doing limited capacity anymore.


Gotcha, yeah, it does seem crazy!

I suspect they are, but the ride lines aren’t holding the number of people that they normally would.

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I just now remembered that the truck never went outside and through the giant gates on Kong. Not sure if it was a one off day or the now normal.

It depends, my trip three weeks ago it went outside.

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I wanted to see the who-Liday spectacular this year.



Fast & Furious is reopening Nov 21 for the Thanksgiving holiday.