Universal Orlando news/operational changes

That third way would be awesome. We were definitely frequent travelers on the train, we got to know all the train employees. But many times it was because we wanted to get from the back of one park to the back of the other.


Yeah, it’s a nice little short cut. I think it only saves 15 minutes instead of going through both entrances, but time can be precious!

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I walk enough when at amusement parks! When starting out in the back of one park, that walk across to other entrance seems loooonnnnnng.

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I think the beauty of it in addition to a little time saved is that if the parks are at capacity, you’ll be able to park hop more easily and not be held up by long lines at the entrance or at the train. Definitely a good thing!


It should also shorten the lines for the train. The shortcut should peel away a good percentage of those just want to get to the other side.
I remember one day the wait for the train was the only one I found excessive.


I’m happy all the rides will be open for at least part of my trip.

Finally testing, long after implemented at WDW.

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Dockside is now open.

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Bourne is now seating every row with three seats between parties, used to skip rows. Parties are still being spread out so you never sit behind or in front of another party. FYI if you feel this is a deal breaker for you.


We are here this week with parks hitting capacity…sadly they have not had any shortcuts between the parks opened up :frowning:

This update is through May 31.

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Can anyone tell me the crowd calendar prediction for Friday, Feb 5th? I’m only going the one day and don’t really need the subscription for my planning!

IOA is forecast 4
USF is forecast 6

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