Universal Orlando Attraction Questionnaire

Hey guys!

I created this ahead of a school band group trip to make travelers aware of any potential issues they may have with the attractions at Universal. A more regular theme I’ve been seeing with the screen attractions and rough coasters, are visitors having some problems with these.

Here’s where I need your help. I have not listed all attractions to rate. I chose the most intense ones but realize there may be more that people have issues with. I’ve given descriptions and made note of the most severe attractions. Are there any other attractions that you would rate as above average health risk that I should mention? Anything else to add to section 1? Or any other suggestions?

Feel free to take this questionnaire, you do not have to put your name on. And if you find this helpful and would like share with others, go right ahead.


When i click the link, I can change the questionnaire, but i can’t put in my answers.

Thanks. Hmmm. Try it now.

I’m not changing fields and moving things around now.

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Storm Force Acceleratron can be motion sickness inducing.


The Bourne Stuntacular. I love it, but the screen often displays fast moving images while your eyes are following a live actor doing stunts. I don’t get motion sickness often, but have gotten a bit :nauseated_face: at least once. You have to make sure you focus on the actor not the cool images!

Also, where you sit makes a difference too!

@bebe80 - EDIT… I’d describe it as “live action show indoors with large screen that uses a blend of practical effects and projections”


Will do, thanks!

I’m not sure if I heard that about Bourne before. Just googled and found this. Yep, it’s on Jon Self’s list.

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Just curious any reason Ripsaw falls was left off? That is the one ride in IOA I will never get on again…All good with the Jurassic River Adventure- but boy the other one is a doozie


I don’t find Ripsaw as scary as Bilge Rats. The white water on that ride can be terrifying :scream::scream::scream:

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Lol every time we have gone in the last 5 years Bilge Rats is closed…haven’t been on it since 2002 more than willing to give it a go though

But in all seriousness Ripsaw got me- love Dudley do right and honestly thought it was a kiddie type flume…was a bit of a shock how terribly harsh the drop & landing was.


Doozie, meaning how soaked you got or how scary the drop was??

The drop- lol I head to those things when I want to get wet…

Might be me- found that to be just as harsh as Simpsons, which you have on the list, Jurassic River adventure doesn’t get ya nearly as wet as ripsaw or have - again just my opinion easier drop even though it’s a few feet higher

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Thanks for sharing!

I did some research. Even though Ripsaw has a slightly shorter drop in footage than JP River, The drop is steeper. (harder angle) So your experience makes sense now.


Thanks all for your assistance. I have added Storm Force, Bourne, & Ripsaw.


Just updated again. Couple more attractions added. I think 20 total.

Thanks @emcglone for questioning the scare factor of attractions, I’ve added some of that language. The questionnaire in the first post is available to anyone including kids!


Really? I was going to take my young kids. Is is actually intense?

Most rides at Universal are a no go for our family. We don’t do big coasters and 3D ride simulators make is very sick. I can t believe how many they have.

It’s a standard round “rapid” ride. If you’ve done one of these ever, you’ll be fine. They do make getting soaked unavoidable on these. Be aware!! Get a poncho and be prepared to still have soaked shoes and legs!

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@Flutegarden - This is right after Popeye with no poncho. We’re happy, but drenched! My cargo shirts weighed an extra 5 pounds and I had to throw my shoes away! (which I planned on doing)


Oh wow. Since we’re definitely doing JRA I might skip this one. Plans are tight as it is.