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First timer here!

My family is taking their first trip down in April 2022 and I am wanting to experience all things Harry Potter. When does the nighttime lights start typically in April? Do you have enough time to get dinner and then come back in to see the lights or is better to eat later?

Also…I will take any tips and tricks!

Coming in on April 11 and planning to do Volcano Bay that day with dinner at Toothsome. 3 days in the parks with reservations for breakfast at 3Bs and LC. Staying at RP. Hoping for dinner at the Palm and Bigfire.

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The Nighttime Lights are most nights but not every night. Check the app on the day of. It starts at dusk, last about 5 minutes, and repeats every 20 minutes until park close. In April, I’m thinking that it would start around 7:15-7:30.

Knowing the ride locker system is important, let us know if you have specific questions about them.

For Volcano Bay, it’s good to review the map before you go. It gets a little confusing in there. Set up your mobile wallet ahead of time so your Tapu will be ready to go when they link it to your tickets.


It’s not everyday, but on the nights that it is, I think it’s better to be in the area before dusk, and kind of just hang out around there. We came back to Hogsmeade knowing we wanted to see it, and about a half hour before the show, we rode FJ. When we got off FJ, the show was starting, and they were ushering ppl out, and would only let you go to the side heading towards JP (there had a line of people coming from the other Hogsmeade side, so you couldn’t go in that direction). I feel like if you ate, and came back, there’s a chance you wouldn’t be allowed in Hogsmeade, especially not close enough to see the show.

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Yes, at dusk the Jurassic Park side entryway closes and is only an exit. The only entrance in is from the Lost Continent side. If you are stuck in JP land, take the bypass bridge to the Lost Continent.

The best viewing areas are in front of the show stage and on the bridge from Hogsmeade to JP.