Universal Newbie Needs Help

Hi Everyone! I’m going to WDW the end of August, but, have now decided to add 3 days at Universal too. I am confused about the tickets. I want 2 day park to park tickets and it says you have to pick date, but, the system automatically picked Sep 2nd. Does that mean I can pick any day to use the tickets between 9/2 and 9/5? Also, Will the EP really be worth it? It looks like, according to TP, it will be a slow period for the parks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t stayed on-site before and it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Universal. Excited! :smiley:

The only tickets you have to choose the date on are the Express Pass add ons. They limit the quantity they sell every day, so you must pick the date you will be using them when purchasing. It sounds as if you may be purchasing one of those @maegenj!
Now, is the EP worth it? Well, you can manage without it quite well, but it really depends on what you want to see. I just returned from 2 glorious crowd level 9 days and didn’t really need an EP, I just followed a nice TP to the letter and it got me to everything I wanted to see without problems. I even got to ride Gringotts three times in a row just before park close! If you don’t like lines, have the money to spare and really want to get to do everything multiple times, go ahead, splurge!! but if you’re a bit on the budget (like me) rest easy! you can have a wonderful time with RD and TP!!!

I agree @quicha we travel at high crowd times and use s touring plan and we’ve never needed EP. I’d like to stay onsite just for the experience and it would be a nice perk but not essential.

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You also might want to try Undercover Tourist to purchase your tickets. They were cheaper. At first, I thought the Universal site was cheaper but their prices don’t include tax and UT’s do.

best advice I got was be at turnstiles 45 mins before opening and wait and buy exp pass on the day which we didn’t need to do so saved us some$$$. there is a cheaper single use per ride exp pass also.

It sounds like you might be planning to stay on site at Universal? If you are at one of the deluxe resorts (not Cabana Bay), you get the Express Pass included with your stay. I also recommend purchasing park ticket from Undercover Tourist and look for the buy two days, get third day free option. If you are going to be there for 3 days, you might as well have the option to visit the park during all three days if it doesn’t cost extra!