Universal newbie help, question about HHN

Hi, I am in the preliminary stages of planning a quick stop at Universal before a weekend at WDW. It’s me, DH, DS12 and DD 8. We would be arriving to universal late on tues 10/2, doing the parks all day on 10/3 and then again in the morning and afternoon on 10/4. We would check out of the hotel in the morning on 10/4.
So questions are:

  1. We don’t want anything to do with HHN. How do I know if this will be going on during our visit? I presume it will be. Do they just close the parks early on the night it’s going? is there anything scary out during the day? My kids are still into MNSSHP so HHN is not up their alley at all. How early do we get kicked out of the park?
  2. If we check out of our room on 10/4, is leaving all of our stuff with bell services ok? and is it reliable/safe?
    thx for any input!

There are set pieces for HHNs around the park but nothing other than that. They won’t give you ANY freebies if they can charge you an actual HHN ticket for it!!! Nothing will scare your kiddos, don’t worry!


HHN is only in Universal Studios. You will see some of the “scare zones” during the day but they will not be “scary”. They have not announced the dates yet. Universal Studios will close early if there are HHNs.

You luggage will be safe at bell services.


great - thank you. so even if universal studios closes early for HHN, we could still be at the park (islands of adventure?) in the evening?

When I was there in October it closed by 8?

Unless there is a major change this year, I would expect HHN to be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in October. It is conceivable they could add more weekday events, but in years past, it has been on those days.

You will be “swept” out of the park, only those with special HHN tickets are allowed. So don’t worry.