Universal masks

Just got this from my travel agent


Wow. Thanks for sharing.

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Glad you shared this before I bought the AP… :pensive:

Thank you.


This is great they they gave more notice than WDW. Didn’t Disney give a days notice?

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I guess now I wont get mixed up with rules depending on which park I am at next week.

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I guess this is a preemptive move due to omicron, since it is far more contagious?

The numbers in FL are moving very quickly in the wrong direction

I read yesterday that omicron is 72% of all new infections in the US now. It is going to move like wildfire, methinks. Hopefully the thought that most cases will remain mild holds true.


Is this in response to Orange County’s latest CDC designation?

I hope so too

The article I read in the Orlando Sentinel stated that Universal spokesperson was not prepared to answer that

Sorta excited because I bought a bunch of universal face masks as stocking stuffers and now the teens have to use them. :wink:


That’s terrible!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I was just coming to post this.

They left a voicemail on our room phone about this unfortunately it’s the day I’m leaving. They seriously needed to have been doing this all along inside like WDW.

It’s unbelievable here how few are wearing masks. I would guess it was only around 20% of people wearing masks inside buildings and attractions.


I agree, it’s why we haven’t gone but now I’m encouraged to go.


We were there for the OI Meet-up earlier this month. Announcements would come over the PA system saying they encouraged everyone to follow CDC guidelines including wearing masks indoors. Meanwhile, many of the TM’s weren’t even masking in doors! We felt like it was maybe 20% of people that would mask inside at best. Sometimes probably only 5-10%.

Why I stood in a 2 hr line yesterday because the earliest appt I could make DS17 for his booster was 12/31 and we leave 1/4

He’s actually great at wearing a mask.

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whats the mask requirement at Volcano bay?

we canceled 23-26 at Portofino because we were there 16-18 and next to zero masks then Disney for a week and nearly everyone masked and good ones not just cloth. it makes a huge difference. Im sure this had nothing to do with the CDC and all with people canceling.

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