Universal in one day?

I was originally planning two days at Universal during our Disney World trip, but now thinking it would be easier to stay in Disney the entire time and go to Universal one day. Assuming I got the park-to-park ticket and got unlimited express pass, how realistic is it to get a majority of both parks done in one day? I would plan to be there at opening to go straight to Harry Potter since I know those major attractions don’t have express pass.

Depends on park opening hours and weather. You will not need unlimited express as you only need that for repeating rides which you will not have time for. Standard 2 park express will be fine. If you miss out all the shows ( inc all the wwohp ones ) the water rides and play areas you might get most rides done. Even with xp pass Simpsons ride will eat up min45 mins DM the same Rip Ride will be min 30 mins with xp pass if cl is 5 or above. So allow 30-45 mins to complete each headliner if cl is 5 or above. The Hogwarts express will be about 30 mins each way by the time you queue walk through boards exit etc and it has no exp pass.
My answer is you really need 2 days unless you are there from 8 am to 10 pm.
A lot of universal is based around theming esp wwohp. I have spent 4 hours wandering around DA doing no rides just taking it all in.

I think you can definitely hit the highlights if the park hours and crowds allow it. I do however suggest actually staying there and if possible at a deluxe so you can get express pass. We went from Universal to WDW and it really wasn’t an issue at all. I would say if this is your first time to Universal - give it two days.

Thank you both for the advice. I thought it might be pushing it a little. It’s not our first time to Universal. But it is our first time traveling with two young children. I guess I’ll keep the plan for two days and see what we are willing to miss at Disney. Thanks again!

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I had 2 1/2 days. And I liked the fact that we didn’t feel rushed “STOP HAVING FUN HERE - WE ARE LATE HAVING FUN OVER THERE - MOVE MOVE MOVE”. We were able to linger in WWHP and re-ride rides we liked. We were able to go back to the resort and enjoy things a bit as well. Plus we didn’t have to get up SUPER early to make the opening. Yes we still got up early but not AS early.