Universal in 9 days!

We are taking our kids on a surprise christmas vacation with our flight leaving christmas day evening! The kids will be opening up their christmas present from us that morning which I’ve got all planned. (Wrapped box in a wrapped box in a wrapped box etc). We have been so busy I’ve not been able to start packing and I’m starting to freak a little… couple of thoughts/questions:

  1. Any tips for packing for Orlando in December?

  2. I’ve not bought our tickets yet. The plan is to get the 18 month AP…should I buy discount tickets and convert, buy the APs from the website or buy them the day of?

  3. Favorite restaurant?

My wife and I love Cowfish at Citiwalk. Great burgers, good sushi, and awesome milkshakes.

In the parks, Mythos is the only restaurant where I thought the food was good, but the service was very slow so I felt like we wasted a lot of park time there.

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Layers! I was just in Orlando for 6 nights and wore anything from short sleeves and capris to jeans, 3 shirts and a brand new thick jacket and gloves during late night Disney After Hours (it was 42 degrees which is darn chilly when you are riding BTMR!) The only thing I packed that I never wore was shorts, though 1 or 2 days I could have.
We love Bubba Gump Seafood and Cowfish in Citywalk.
I have previously bought AP’s from the Universal website, so that is probably what I would do.
Have fun!

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We really like Richter’s Burgers and Louie’s Restaurant in US. The burgers are really good, and you put whatever you want on it yourself. The pasta and pizza are really good at Louie’s, and they make the pasta right in front of you, really tasty.

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Ditto that. As mentioned, pack for all eventualities. Weather is unpredictable. In February, when temperatures are usually quite cool, it never dropped below 70 and was in the 80s some of the time! But other times, it will be near freezing.

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