Universal hollywood?

This maybe blasphemy to ask for reviews or thoughts on the Hollywood version, but we are going to San Diego this summer to visit my brother. My kids have been asking to go to UOR (we have never been) and since we were already thinking of touring some of LA while CA, it seems Universal Hollywood maybe the way to go. Then we can save UOR for when my youngest is a bit older (currently 7yo). Also the studio tour sounds amazing. The new Kung Fu Panda will be open while we are there. DS13 and my nephew will be thrilled to see the Walking Dead attraction. Is that one very scary? (thinking it is not meant for DS7). Any recommendation are much welcome!

My last visit there was in the 90s, before the fire in the backlot tour/Earthquake. ET was new. Sorry no help but good luck. I do remember it being a smaller park.

We went to Hollywood’s version last year. It’s just a smaller version of the FL parks put into one. Almost all the rides in CA are somewhere in UOR, so a lot of it is repeats if you’ve already been to FL. Food choices are also slimmer in CA than in FL.

We went to CA in July (I know, busy month) and are going to UOR this year in June. The wait times will SHOCK you in CA, especially if you are used to having this site for your TP (no such thing in CA). This year’s FL trip has almost every ride for us under 30 min wait. Last year in CA, we got through two lines under 45 min, and we showed up at RD. The rest of the day probably averaged over 60 min waits for most rides.
Maybe that is because we have TP for this trip, but I think it’s just because it’s a smaller park.

The studio tour is kinda interesting, but long. It involves being on a bus going around all the active lots (which is interesting to me), but also includes a short version of King Kong, Fast and Furious, and some others (Jaws, etc). It’s a great ride to take you off your feet for a while, but we stood in line for almost 45 min at this one, and my kids didn’t get much out of it.

Being honest, we skipped Walking Dead. Not only because the wait was atrocious, but we had a DS10 and DD7 with us. I don’t think they would have survived it from what I understood it to be.

I say all that to say this…we would still go back, just not in the summer. My kids LOVE the rides at Universal more than Disney, but they are a bit of thrill seekers! So it’s always worth it!

Thanks for the honest review. I have been checking into some pseudo touring plans that show getting there at RD and then gearing up for more rides late afternoon. It actually shows doing the studio tour last since lines are supposedly lowest then. It seems that the CL coincide with DL. I’m still looking into it but may give it a go for the Tues or Weds that we will be there and levels are supposed to be more manageable. The studio tour just seems so intriguing to me. And I think I had my oldest son and nephew at “there is a walking dead show”. We can split our group depending on interests. If we go I can let everyone know how it went in case others are considering.