Universal Florida Ticket question

Ticket question from a might-as-well-be-newbie to Universal. We are planning on HS at WDW on Monday, then Universal Tues-Wed and back to Disney Thursday. I have not bought Universal tickets yet. It has occurred to me that if we don’t get ROTR at HS on Monday we could just go on to Universal for that day and Tuesday and switch to HS on Wednesday. If we buy tickets in advance for Universal, is it difficult to switch the dates? They would be 2 day PTP. Is there any advantage to buying in advance or am I fine just buying them via UT on Monday after 7 AM (email delivery) or at Universal morning of our visit?
ETA: Or, is there a date range like with Disney where if I bought tix starting Monday they would be good any 2 of Monday-Wednesday?

From Universal’s website

The 2-Park 2-Day Park-to-Park Ticket Dated entitles one (1) guest admission to BOTH Universal Studios Florida, AND Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme parks on the same day. Ticket is valid for any two calendar days during a five (5) consecutive calendar day period which commences on and includes the date selected. This ticket also includes five (5) consecutive calendar days of admission to select live entertainment venues of Universal CityWalk which commences on and includes the date selected. The ticket will expire in full on the expiration date printed on ticket. Unused days shall be forfeited.

You should pick your DHS day as your start date, and. you would be able to use it that day and the next four days. Undercover tourist uses this tactic to pick slightly cheaper tickets depending on the start date.


Very helpful, thank you!

Last time I used UT it took over 24 hours to get my electronic tickets (and they had warnings to that effect during the checkout process). If going with them, I’d buy tickets ahead of time with the strategy noted above, and wouldn’t risk a last-minute purchase through UT. Also, make sure there’s park availability for HS if trying to switch it on the fly.

Good points also. Yes, if PR availability was not there we would just have to try again at 1. I noticed tickets can also be purchased in the Universal app, and there is apparently an AmEx lounge that can be used if tickets are purchased with an AmEx card directly from Universal? Anyone know if that is worthwhile?