Universal Express Unlimited - How to Carry Around

It has been a while since I have been to UOR but the last time I was there and received the Express Unlimited, I had to buy a lanyard to carry it around. How does everyone carry theirs around? Do you have to have a lanyard and plastic casing or just a lanyard? TIA

We had 4 - and I just put them in my pocket. No lanyard etc. Had no problems. When my son and i went one direction and my wife an daughter went another - we just split up the tickets. Worst case - if we lost them we could print them out again at the hotel (I think) I did have a little “pouch” that I would put them in when we went on water rides. No need for lanyards.

We bought our own lanyards with casing…much cheaper than universals :smirk:

We have “dry cases” on a lanyard for our cell phones and plan on using those for upcoming trip. When we did this for Cedar Point last year, park employees were able to scan the card through the plastic. So not only did they stay dry, we didn’t have to get them in and out of our bags/pockets. We are hoping to do the same. Can’t say for sure, it will be our first trip to USF.

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Ha - I just put my phone and cards in a zip loc bag - I’m part of the low rent district

We had two adults and three children with Express Passes, room keys and photo cards. That was way too many cards for me to manage myself, so we all chose an inexpensive lanyard from eBay and I purchased the plastic sleeves for the cards to attach to the lanyards. It was an organized, efficient way to handle the card situation and the kids liked being responsible for their own passes.

I just returned after touring with just my wife. I kept both of our passes in my pocket and had no issues getting them and they never got wait, although we only ride JP River Adventure. Didn’t see the need for a lanyard.