Universal Express Pass value in Sept?

Hey all,
I am heading to Orlando 1st week of September on a split (1st time Universal) Universal/Disney vacation. I know in Sept during/after labor day things get much slower so I am wondering how the lines are especially at the Universal Studios parks?

Magic Kingdom a few years ago, we got on and off Pirates probably 10 times with zero wait times, so I am thinking that the value of the Universal Express pass would be limited. Hoping to get some feedback from others that have experiences during this time at the Universal Parks.


I have not gone in September, but I have gone in October. I went once with express pass and once without. Here is what I will say. While I don’t think I needed express pass, it was so much more relaxing with express pass. I didn’t have to worry about being in the right place at the right time because the express pass waits were minimal all day. If cost is a major factor, you will probably be fine without express pass. If being relaxed and virtually stress-free is a priority, I would get it anyway. If you will not be staying at an on-site deluxe resort to get it free, you can always wait and see if the day of you feel like you need it and you can just buy it then.

I’ve been in early September, and I agree with @rebeecky: it may not be mandatory, but you’re going to have a much better time with it. Also, I think that crowds in September are growing yearly as word gets out about crowds being lower. There have been some posts on the TP blog wondering if it’s even worth recommending Sep/Oct as slow times anymore.

To me, it’s absolutely worth it to get a room at one of the EP resorts, but YMMV.

Thanks a ton all! Looks like we are going to do Royal and then the Contemporary!

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Royal Pacific rooms include ExpressPass. I do not think Express is required in September outside of a handful of attractions that you should hit at opening (Minions, RRR, Hulk).

Staying at Royal Pacific, your party will get the Express Passes from the day you check in up to and including the day you check out!!! It’s a great benefit!!!