Universal Early Entry?

Try emptying the cookies and page cache and try again. If all else fails check the app. 9-9 are weekends only.

I don’t think they announced early entry at both parks last weekend until a few days before. We thought it was just going to be at IoA until the day before.

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@jennyturin I have a huge favor to ask you. Yes, I know you are a perfect stranger but you are also a fellow liner. My niece LOVES the lemon drops at Honeydukes, and we can’t find them anywhere else. If I venmo you, is there any chance you might be willing to pick some up for me so I can give them to her for her birthday at the end of the month? I’d totally pay for shipping and I’ll buy you a butterbeer for your trouble.

LOL sure thing…I once bought Disney pins at Shanghai and Hong Kong China for a random stranger too (met her through dog fostering efforts online LOL). I understand ha ha ha…I’ll see if I can figure out DM here and get your address for shipping.

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