Universal Early Entry?

We had to bump up our trip two days (oh the shame in two extra days) to beat Hurricane Delta as we have to drive through LA, MS and AL. Now I am looking at going to Universal Studios Florida this Saturday, Oct. 10. When I went to create a touringplan it said they are going to have early entry but when I checked Universal’s website:

Universal Studios Florida™

September 19 - 25, 2020: Not Available
September 26 - 27, 2020: Available
September 28 - 30, 2020: Not Available
October 1 - 2, 2020: Not Available
October 3 - 4, 2020: Available
October 5 - 31, 2020: Not Available
it says Not Available. Given the crummy nature of Universal in upkeeping their website which is it?

Universal does change fairly often and sometimes last minute, but their site would be the most current information. It is always available at one of the parks, and very occasionally both. For Oct 10th it is at IOA:

Universal’s Islands of Adventure™

September 19 - October 31, 2020: Available

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I think part of the confusion in this is that the entire resort is called Universal Studios (or Universal Studios Orlando), but Universal Studios is also the name of one of the two parks. it has always baffled me that they have it that way. Could you imagine if Walt Disney World was called Magic Kingdom Florida, but then one of the parks was called Magic Kingdom? I realize Islands of Adventure came years later it may have intended to just be one park forever, but I find it confusing. In any event, as @jenlsmith said, you will get your early entry at Islands of Adventure.

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I think it is UOR, or Universal Orlando Resort, which is made up of Universal Studios (Florida) and Islands of Adventure.

But check this out…I think UOR’s website is wrong about a lot of things. They claim Volcano Bay for example is closed Wed and Friday but it’s actually closed Tues and Thurs. And then they say USF is closing at 5pm on Oct 10 but if you look at the showtimes they have shows on Oct 10 such as Animal Actors at 6pm. I noticed the last two weekends where the haunted houses were open they did have early entry for USF in addition to IOA so I wonder if touringplans is basing it off that and predicts they will have them this weekend too for the weekend crowds? I trust touringplans.com for accuracy more than UOR at this point. ha ha ha.

hmmm, not sure, perhaps they were just updating some of those things. I see Volcano Bay is closed Tues & Thurs, and USF hours on Oct 10 are 9am-9pm

I had checked the VB hours yesterday and it was correct. Just checked now too. See image:

This is what I see for USF:

and Volcano Bay showing closed on the wrong days:

I wonder if everything is off one day…like Sundays hours should be Saturdays, Mondays should be Sundays which would make more sense to have Sunday with later hours than Mondays…


US hours:

That is so weird when I clink on your link it’s still off by one day. Let me try a different browser (I use Chrome)

very strange, I use chrome

Yeah still broken with Edge for me too. I’ve been hacked! LOL Someone wants my trip to fail in its planning. :wink:

that is crazy! try copy and pasting, without the x’s of course


You might need to refresh your browser. Sometimes, on some sites, I think your browser will get lazy and go to the view from the last time you were there without updating.

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Although, I typed that, then went to the site and it’s showing W/F off for me too! So … never mind!

You ladies need a tech expert, where’s @ryan1

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the copy paste doesn’t work either. I would say it could be the cache but that wouldn’t be the issue for me with Edge since I don’t ever use that browser except to test if it’s a browser issue.

Good point. But in practice, I more often hear people say they are going to “Universal Studios”, not “Universal Orlando”, when they mean they are going to Universal Orlando, not the Universal Studios Florida park in particular. It’s all semantics, but I think it creates confusion.