Universal Dining... what's your fav?

We need to plan 2 dinners and one lunch in the Universal Parks… do we need reservations? What’s your favorite place??
(Traveling Feb 25-27… this week!!)

I like Toothsome for the experience and Cowfish. I have the Cowfish app. We had some great apps at Margaritaville in the bar area.

I also have to add we had great meals in Mythos but overall we prefer the apps.

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The Leaky Cauldron in US and The Three Broomsticks in IoA are both highly themed Harry Potter QS restaurants and the food is really good.

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We may only have time for one of these. Huge harry potter fans in the family. Would you recommend one over the other?

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Whichever one is closest. The menus are pretty similar (if not the same?). Theming and decor-wise I think the Leaky Cauldron is preferable, perhaps because we spent more time in the Leaky Cauldron in the HP books, so more familiarity with it.


Remember that CityWalk is directly outside of the two parks, so that is an option for you.

You generally don’t need reservations and the most popular places like Toothsome don’t offer them. My suggestion is to book a reservation one day out if you know what you want, if not then don’t worry about it.

My favorite sit down locations at UOR are Bigfire, Antojitos, and Vivo in CityWalk, Mythos and Confisco at IOA. I have not eaten at Lombards in USF just Finnigan’s and that’s just “ok”.

Cowfish is my favorite.

Mythos has very good food, but the service was so slow when we were there that we lost too much park time.

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Leaky cauldron, Toothsomes and Margaritaville. I’ve heard Finnigans is good but I haven’t been.

Cowfish has a waitlist app and Margaritaville is on Open Table I believe. Love them. Toothsome a neat experience but food not all that great imo.