Universal Deluxe Resorts _Discounts in December?

I’ve never been to universal and thinking about going xmas week with my extended family and need 3 rooms. Do universal deluxe resorts ever have discounts in December over Xmas week or should I expect the prices to be what I am seeing now when I search for December Dates? Any recommendations on one deluxe resort over the others -thanks in advance

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I highly recommend you book your resort ASAP to lock in whatever rate they are showing now. That rate will rise later. Keep checking back for discounts, including the AP discount, as the dates get closer. But since you are going for a holiday week, the likelihood of a discount is low.

I really loved Hard Rock for location. In all respects it is a great resort. Some of the others have better theming or more relaxed setting. If you want Express Pass included, which I HIGHLY recommend, make sure you reserve one of the Premier resorts. (Royal Pacific, Portofino, HRH.)


This the the exact question I was going to ask! Thanks for asking :blush:

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