Universal - can you update room later to discount price?

So, for WDW, I know you can change your room rate after you have purchased it, if a new discount comes out. What about Universal?
Can I buy a room at the standard rate now… and then if AP rates come out later, can I apply it?

I’ll be buying flights tomorrow for a Universal only trip in May. I’m tempted to just buy the standard rate for the hotel too. Our dates will be around Memorial Day, May 25-29, so I don’t want the basic rooms to sell out. I’d hate to miss out on a nice AP discount though.

Yes you can. That’s what I was told anyway. There didn’t end up being a discount for my dates.


Yes. I booked regular rate, then when 2020 military rates came out, they updated the rate only (kept same reservation number). I assume it works the same for other discount rates.

Did you have to get it changed over the phone then? Or should I be able to “modify” my reservation on the website?

You have to call for military rate, so I’m not sure if it works online for other rates.

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Gotcha, well thank you so much for the info! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can cancel a reservation a week prior to the start of the stay so if you find a better rate book it then cancel the other reservation. I’ve done this a few times with no issues.

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