Universal "Buy a Day Ticket with Unlimited Visits"

This sale is actually really good!
You get unlimited visits, with no black outs and park hopper, for $164, and for another $29 can add in Volcano Bay.

What sucks is we just went for 3 days for about the same less then a month ago…ughhhhh

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When you go for four days it’s, basically, the same price as an Annual Pass - something to consider if you are local! :wink:


They were running a special at the time for 3 days. And you couldnt add Volcanoe Bay previouslly.
We were AP holders last year and swtiched over to WDW AP’s this year in January.

We try to switch it up every year. Next year will be Seaworld/Bush Gardens, but at the specials they are running now, we may end up with all of them at the same time.


DW isn’t selling APs right now. I wonder why Universal is selling them? I wish WD would, don’t know why they’re not?

Universal isn’t using a Park Reservation system is the major reason. If I buy an AP this morning, at Universal, I can use it today with no issues.

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well, you’ve sold me! I wasn’t really on a fence though, just delaying the inevitible. My DS, DH want APs for Universal. DS thinks it’s better than DW and if I don’t have to find a day I can get in then I can wake up and play hooky for a day like I need to right now :wink: