Universal Attractions

Where on the TP website do I find an attractions list for Studios and Islands of Adventure similar to the MK list linked below?


I am pretty sure a page like this existed, because I had been using it to make sure I captured all desired attractions in my personalized TPs. Now I can’t find it.



Thank you @missoverexcited.

Those links are perfect for right now.

What would be of additional help would be a navigation path, i.e. what links do I need to click in what order to get me to the desired information. For example, for https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/attractions, I would navigate as follows: from my dashboard -> Walt Disney World -> Magic Kingdom -> What To See And Do -> Attractions

I can’t find a navigation path.

No idea, I just google what I need and save it as a favourite.

You would go to www.touringplans.com and then at the top hit “universal studios”.

Did that. Then I would think I should click Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure on the right side of the page, then expect a link to attractions. The only link on either of these pages for attractions takes me to a page to purchase the Unofficial Guide (I already have it). What seems to be missing is a link to the attractions pages @missoverexcited so kindly supplied a few posts above. While I don’t put it past myself to be overlooking something, I just don’t see how I get to the attractions pages without knowing the exact URL.

I am brand new to the USR side, so I haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet. For me, I click on Universal Orlando at the top of the page. Then on USF or IOA on the right side. The fifth red heading is for attractions. Click on the red heading and it brings up a list.

Yes, I just tried this and it worked for me.

It was…the red heading…:expressionless:

Thank you for your help and patience.