Universal AP Upgrade Question

We purchased preferred APs at the discounted price, but are now interested in upgrading to premier. Will we have to pay the difference between what we paid and the current premier price or just the difference between both current prices? We opted for flex pay and haven’t activated the passes yet.

Welcome to the forum. I’ll be interested to hear what you learn here too. We are in the same boat as you; haven’t activated those tickets yet.

Welcome to the forum! @rebeecky, do you know what they will charge? I know flex payment tickets can only be activated at the parks.

@TheBeast, I saw your post on the chat thread. The responses didn’t get you a specific answer, did it?

Flex pay messes it up a bit, so I’m not sure. Call the AP hotline and they’ll be able to help you: 1-866-7277-4386


Not really but we’ll have to check when there anyway. Kicking myself fo not just getting the premier during the sale. Will be over a $900 jump at current price so will probably just enjoy what we have and consider it a lesson learned. We are mostly worried about next week, but prepared to just go for a bit in the mornings and evenings and go back in a few weeks.

They just told me I had to go to the ticket window. They had no idea.

Well we’ll be there Sunday night and will find out. I’m happy to share what happens.

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Thanks! Have fun! We’re not ready to go yet.

I ran into an issue with the flex pay when I bought it too early. It automatically starts the 2nd year after you make the first year of payments (even if it is on 6-8 months). It was complicated when I wanted to stop the pass.

Sadly, I do not know the answer to this question. All I’ve ever done is upgrade regular multi-day tickets to a seasonal pass. In that instance, I paid the difference between the Universal price of the ticket (not the reduced Undercover Tourist price I paid) and the current cost of the pass.


So we upgraded from discounted preferred passes to regular price premier. We could not get the discounted price on the new passes, but were credited the full value of the preferred. So we still saved the same amount we save on our original purchase of preferred. Hope that helps!


Where did you have to go to do the upgrade?

We went to the guest service stand just outside the entry of IOA. I am not sure if it would be any different inside. We were satisfied that we would only pay the current price difference to upgrade so we didn’t feel like we wanted to try inside like was suggested by another poster. We went at night and there was almost no line.