Universal 1day/2park for WEOHP fan and. Toddler

I’ve been studying the existing WWOHP plans for seeing both parks in one day. However my toddler is obsessed with curious George, Suess, and despicable Me. Is there any way to create a WWOHP AND add other attractions. How do you decide what to see and what to skip? We need TWO days!!! But don’t have them…

You can always take one of our premium plans and customize it with whatever additional attractions you want. The WWHOP-intensive plan doesn’t leave time for much else so you may have to skip some minor Potter stuff (like the shows in Hogsmeade) to fit everything in. Email webmaster@touringplans.com if you need help personalizing a plan.

I was just playing around with the optimizer. Ran it as if I could do Early Entry on Forbidden Journey and hop on First Train to US park, Plugged in all my US plans, saw what time that ended, and ran a second plan over at IoA to finish up everything else I wanted

Thanks for the reply!! So you started your plan at IOA, front entrance and headed straight to Forbidden Journey, then spent most of your time at USO, then back to IOA to exit? I am so unfamiliar with the Universal Studios parks that I am kinda freaking out trying to make a plan for both parks with two kids at different ages with such different interests! Thanks for your help.

Yes, that should work. Make sure you read the notes at the start of our 2 park plans.