United future flight credit question

I can’t find this answer anywhere and thought this group might know. I got a future flight credit (not certificate, which seems to be more generous) from United after canceling my nonrefundable ticket for my cruise to Alaska when we had a death in the family. I had purchased this with Chase points. Q is, do I have to use it for domestic flights if it was domestic before? The person at Chase Rewards I just talked to said that there is that restriction, but my flights were mixed b/c I went Baltimore to Anchorage, but then Vancouver back to Baltimore, b/c of the cruise in between. She said that I just wouldn’t know if United would accept my new itinerary until I tried to book it—my new itinerary being probably either to one international city, or to two domestic ones and then back home. I am still wary of rebooking the Alaska cruise for next year for a variety of reasons, mainly that Chase insists my flight credit expires 12 mo after I bought it, or April, but United says on their website that everything booked before Dec 31, 2022 will be extended until Dec 31, 2023. The Chase rep didn’t know that and said it will expire in April. Ugh, I think I should call back another time and talk to someone else at Chase. Anyway, I have zero experience with future flight credits and would appreciate any advice. Are you limited to only booking a domestic flight if your canceled flights were domestic? I’ve been googling this for a long time and found nothing.

I think your instincts may be right about calling back to speak to another rep.

Although the rep who said you may not know until actual booking could be the case. I’d call back though. This may not be a one size fits all answer.

I would call or chat United directly, but typically United credit works like money and they don’t care where the flight is going. I did the opposite in December / January - I cancelled an international flight to Cancun, and then used the flight credit to purchase a flight to Los Angeles. I had more credit left since my LA flight was crazy cheap, and used the remainder of the credit to purchase a flight to Orlando.

I was on the United site for something else right now and ran across this page - you should be able to look up your flight credit and see what the expiration is: https://www.united.com/en/US/fly/travel/credit.html

The page mentions that they extended credits AND “all future flight credits that were issued for tickets purchased on or before August 31, 2021, can now be used to book travel for anyone, including yourself, friends, or family”

On my account it says it doesn’t expire until Dec 31, 2023, just like it says in other places on United’s website. It’s just that Chase Rewards doesn’t know that. But it occurs to me that if I book something for past the late April expiration and it works then I wouldn’t have to worry anymore about whether it would work b/c I’d have tickets. I just probably won’t know for many months what my plans will be b/c I want to wait until after DH surgery to see how he recovers before making a plan for a solo trip. He will probably be mostly recovered by the holidays but I just don’t know.