Unique Experience Outside the parks

Hello all! Planning a trip for May, I know of the Disney after dark, EMH, and exclusive tours. I am looking for unique experiences outside the parks. Do they still have boat rides for the water Pageant? We are staying at POR with ages 18-45. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hello and welcome!!

I just got back from a stay at POR and I would HIGHLY recommend going to one of YeHaa Bob’s shows. He is a family-friendly but crazy fun performer who plays the piano and sings loads of songs we all love during a show that welcomes audience participation (but never calls anyone out who doesn’t want to play along).

He plays at the River Roost lounge in the main building at POR. On the night I went the show started at 8:30pm. I arrived at 7:55 and got a table with a great view of the stage; with a larger group (I was solo) I would recommend arriving a little earlier.

They have a selection of beverages and a full bar as well as a few small plates and snacks (I got the Mardi Gras Fritters - deep fried pimiento cheese balls served with pepper jelly - SO good!!). Folks come and go throughout the show which on my night was scheduled to last until 11:30pm. I stayed for an hour and only left for other plans I had made, but I wished I could have stayed all night!! It was a really fun environment and I will definitely be back to see the show again!!!


Yes there is a fireworks cruise still offered that catches electrical water pageant.





We have recently been to Hoop Dee Doo and loved it. And if my family of introverts enjoyed it, I imagine most families will.

At Fort Wilderness there is also the Tick n Dale sing along, horse riding experiences. You can see the electric water pageant from there.

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This is exactly the type of thing I am looking for, thanks!

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Can’t wait to go in April!!!

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Have you seen this website? https://www.magicalresortguide.com/

It is updated monthly and lists resort activities. You could hop to other resorts and take advantage of their activities.

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This is so much fun. We’ve been down front and center and up in the balcony and had great experiences both times.

We were hoping to see it last June - it opened while we were at Disney - but I couldn’t get reservations.

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Thanks, I hadn’t seen this one before.