Unexpected Trip help needed


When we go to WDW I spend months preparing and researching. We just decided to go for 4 days the beginning of March. Since I have not been on here following the threads I feel out of the loop. We will spend 1 day at all 4 parks. Any suggestions on dining? Anything new? Any tips? I am traveling with my husband and adult children. I am so excited because we normally have to go during heavy crowd times and the crowd levels are at 6. Thanks for any help!


They moved the welcome show to the castle and open Main Street at 8am. They're supposed to be bringing alcohol to limited locations at MK as well, but I don't have all the details on when.

If I were going with adult children, I'd be inclined to eat a fine dining establishment at least for one meal.

Skippers Canteen in MK and Tiffins in AK are the newest restaurants that come to mind.


Since you are about 5-6 weeks out, I would probably just start searching MDE to see which restaurants are available for your party size on those days. The timing might choose for you.


The Flower and Garden Festival will just be starting at Epcot, so definitely make some time to go there. They have food stands like at the Food and Wine Festival, so you can enjoy browsing there for one of your meals.


if you don't have tickets yet, Disney has released a new ticket type for 4 days, one day at each park. No hopping or spending 2 days at the same park, but it's a good price, around $75/day.