Unexpected DVC reservation cancellation due to reno/maintenance?

Has anyone ever experienced this??? Im thinking of renting points through a company…but they have this in the fine print…

Also, be aware that Disney may close some resort facilities or amenities when they deem it appropriate for either maintenance or renovation. These closures may be minor or extensive. The DVC Rental Store receives no notice of these closures prior to the information being released to the General Public. Due to our legal agreements with the member and changing resort availability, the DVC Rental Store is not able to alter or revise your accommodations, resort or travel dates unless you have purchased our optional Cancel for any Reason Point Protection Plan (PPP).

I plan on buying trip insurance and not their PPP plan because I will loose everything if I cancel 0-3 days out…but the insurance wont cover this particular clause. Is this a scare tactic or does this really happen unexpectedly? We are going to AKL in late August and I dont see any scheduled maintenance…any thoughts?

Just when you think your plans are solid…theyre not:(

I think this refers to the fact that sometimes there will be refurbished such as the quiet pools at WL and Poly. Since those pools are closed, the amenities are not available. Some people do not want to stay someplace if the hot tub or pool is closed.

Ha! Now I get it!! Thank you so much, PrincipalTinker! You’re the best! I feel so much better now!!

We booked through DVC Rental Store a few times and they are awesome! We are staying at BLT later this month and the pool will be closed for refurbishment. It was a major bummer when I found out and there isn’t anything they can do - but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will just have to use the Contemporary’s pool. Not a bad deal! :smile:

Thank you so much for your response, egkleinmann! I feel so much more confident about my decision to rent points! Obviously a first timer here!! Have a wonderful stay at BLT and a great swim at the Contemporary!! Hope to some day get there myself!!

We booked through the dvc store for our last trip at poly. I would highly recommend them. Everything was explained well and all processes were in order as outlined. I will be using them again for sure!

So far everything is going well!! I guess I just panicked when it came time to sign my life away!! Thank you for helping to back me away from the proverbial ledge!!