Unexpected Disney gift card - anyone else?

Let me preface this by saying my son & I have AP’s and an upcoming resort reservation for the week before Thanksgiving which is a rebook from spring break this year. I have received absolutely no emails from Disney since the original email about them closing.

This morning I received an email from Disney Gift Card Services titled “Your Disney Gift Card is Enclosed”. There is a $50 Disney gift card in the body. I logged in to the website to check the balance & the card is valid.

Only thing is, I was not expecting to receive a gift card for anything & I have no idea why I’ve received it. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Should I just hold onto it for a while in case it was a mistake & they want the funds back?

Only thing I can think of is that I had selected to participate in the Stay Your Way or whatever it’s called where are you select to forego housekeeping during your stay. Could it be that somehow I’m incorrectly getting this for the stay at Pop that we rescheduled?

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I’ve been reading about this on the dis and it’s all people who declined housekeeping as far as I can tell.

Thank you! I think I’m going to play it safe & hold onto it until our trip in November.

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Weird, Mousekeeping cards usually don’t get distributed until after you check in/are on property. I also declined mousekeeping for my stays but haven’t recieved anything (at least I think I did, I woudl log in to MDE to check BUT I KEEP GETTING THE STUPID CASTLE!!! )


Either way… ENJOY! :slight_smile:

I think for our last stay at Pop, we received the e-gift card within 48 hours of checking in. This one is a real mystery. Not sure if it’s supposed to be for our defunct March stay or our upcoming November stay. 🤷

got one yesterday in my email as well… I wasn’t quick enough to “cash it out” and they sent an email later in the day saying 'we sent this email too early, sorry. The card we sent is now void."

So yeah, looks like it’s the Mousekeeping reward

Disney IT is not having a good week.