Understanding Fast Pass

I understand that I can sign up for 3 Fast Passes at a single park on a given day. When those are used, I can then sign up - one at a time - for additional Fast Passes using the Disney online app/site.

My question is: after I use my 3 FPs in one park (say Hollywood Studios) - can I then sign up for an evening FP in another park (Epcot)? Can I use the online app/site to do that? Or do I have to wait until we are actually in Epcot in the evening.

Thanks for any help.

Before they started allowing additional FPPs to be selected via that app you had to be in the park in question and make your selection at a kiosk. I do not know what is happening with the new app functionality.

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Now that you can book the 4th, 5th, etc… FP from the app on your phone you can select any other park. There has been a decent report of low availability for extra FP’s but that could very well be due to the newness which may wear off soon.


Are the reports of low availability via the app but not the kiosks, or low availability overall?

Overall. The first day people were saying everything was sold out before noon. Even the lowest level of fp’s lol. Report from yesterday said MK avail was ok but Epcot was very low. Just going to have to give it some time to even out before we really know.

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I wonder if something is changing for the better. I was trying to change a FPP for our arrival date on 4/30 from Haunted Mansion to 7DMT. Over the weekend and up to yesterday, there was no availability for 7DMT at all on that date, even for a single rider. I logged in today and suddenly there’s 12 slots available for my party of 4, with times ranging from 9:35 AM to 11:30 PM! Either they had a bug in the system or they’ve suddenly opened up a ton of availability for future dates.

(I realize that we’re talking about day-of availability here, I’m just saying that maybe the low availability over the last few days was a sign of bugs with the newly implemented changes. I’m cautiously optimistic that way!)