Undercover Tourist Tickets - Upgrading to Annual Pass

Confused about what it would cost me to upgrade a UT ticket. I can save about 40 by purchasing a 3-day Park-to-Park ticket from UT instead of from Universal directly. If I buy from UT and upgrade to an annual pass before my 3 days are used, will Universal have me pay the difference between my UT cost and the annual pass or the difference between their cost of a 3 day and the annual pass? Just wondering if there's any point in going through UT to save the money if I'm going to lose it when I upgrade. We'll be there for a week so we're getting an annual pass but was wondering if going through this loop will help save some . Does Universal see see what we paid for our tickets?

This link was posted on a prior thread about upgrading tickets:


You might want to check out that other thread as well for the conversation there. You may find it helpful.

We bought UT 2 day 2 park to park + 2 days free on Cyber Monday, which was definitely a good discount off regular pricing, and, when at UO upgraded to the season pass. We only had to pay the bridge between UO pricing, which meant nothing for the adults (same price for the universal 4-day ticket and seasonal pass online at UO) and $10 for the one kid’s UT ticket.

I know this is a slightly different situation from you, but wanted to share in case you found it helpful.


Thank you! We ended up just buying seasonal passes. We probably could’ve saved a few bucks by buying from UT and then upgrading while at UO but decided to just be done with it lol! Thank you for letting me know how it worked though! Good info for next time!

Thanks for posting the update!