Undercover Tourist Refund Window Extended to 1 year

I feel like Undercover Tourist used to have a long refund window for tickets but was shortened to 90 days during the pandemic. I believe you also were only eligible for a refund if you purchased the physical tickets rather than the e-tickets.

When I purchased tickets last week, I noticed that it said they now have a 365 day refund policy on all WDW ticket types. Well, the FAQs still said 99 days so I thought maybe it was a fluke but I got an email yesterday that they have in fact increased their refund window to a year.

Long story short… if you were on the fence on using a 3rd party ticket retailer, this may help to make it an easier decision- I know it was for me!

Also, I should add that they technically only refund 95% of the ticket price but hey, that’s a lot better than nothing!