Undercover Tourist question

Hi liners! I’m new here and I have a question on 3rd party tickets. We are planning our 1st trip for January 2020 staying at POP. We already have our room booked through MTV but I have yet to buy tickets. I know if I buy tickets from Disney I can change the dates before arrival and just pay the difference in the dates. Is this also true for tickets purchased from Undercover Tourist? Thanks!

Yes. You will pay the difference of the VALUE of the tickets, not the difference in the PRICE you paid.

In other words, you’ll keep the savings by using UT.

Thank you! I’m just over worried since snow in the Midwest is a thing I can’t control.

Sure you can!





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Hahahaha. If only it was that easy. In The city I live in we got 53 inches in February this year. I’m looking forward to getting out of the cold for a week next year that’s for sure!

For our February 2018 trip (we live in Michigan) the thing I was most worried about was the drive down in snow. Turned out to be no problem at all. But you just never know!

Have you received a quote on tickets from MVT? If you have an agency exclusive, the tickets should be at the convention rate which would be cheaper than going through UT. And MVT packages are fully refundable up to 5 days before your trip.

I thought so too but when I got my quote from MTV it states:

“Please be aware that our Agency Exclusive offers can no longer include the specially priced Convention Tickets. Those are no longer offered to Leisure Group Bookings.”

So the tickets I was quoted from them are more expensive then UT.

Oh that’s disappointing!