Undercover Tourist Extra Day Tickets & Price Stability

Working on an October trip and planning to buy tickets from Undercover Tourist for both WDW and Universal. Right now they have bonus day tickets (Buy WDW 4 day ticket get an extra day, Buy Universal 2 day ticket get an extra day). Just wondering if those bonus day tickets are usually available year round or is that a special deal that I should buy as soon as I see it? Are Undercover Tourist prices pretty stable through the year (except for the annual park price increases)?

I think the buy 4 get 5th free for Disney is a regular deal. We got that deal on that site for our trip 2 years ago. I have found just recently that undercover tourist had he best price on Universal, but another site was a little cheaper for Disney, a small amount less and I can’t remember which site it was, sorry! It was the one that touring plans lists as the best priced tickets right now.

I bought those same tickets about 3 months ago for a trip we just took. Take them before the price goes up again. We actually got a “limited time ticket” for universal and saved even more. The ticket had a specific expiration date and was even cheaper.

We had NO problem with UCT tickets - worked just great. I did take a picture of each ticket just in case we lost it - we would have the number

Thanks Neva and David. Right now the Official Ticket Center is about $4.60 cheaper per ticket than UT (via UT Mousesavers newsletter link) but the downside is they don’t offer refunds like UT does. I did see the Universal limited time ticket with an expiration in May when I was on the UT site a month or so ago. Wondering if there might be another offer like that for the fall.