Undercover Tourist 5-day ticket?


I am planning a trip mid September-2014 to get one more use out of my AP before it expires in early October. My wife can't make this trip so my FIL is coming along. I bought him a 5-day MYW ticket from UT. My slight fear is that he will cancel at the last minute since he recently retired and is currently looking for a part-time job to occupy his days. I have his ticket in hand and want to scan it into MDE so I can get his FPP set up the same as mine. UT says his ticket cannot be returned for a refund if it is set up in MDE. I understand the "no refund after MDE" bit, but if he would have to cancel after I have him set up in MDE, would I be able "unlink" this ticket from his name and assign it to myself (or another family member) for an as yet unplanned a future trip?
Thanks for your help.


I don't know the answer, but hopefully someone else will!


Yes, you should be able to unlink and reassign the ticket. Also, when I spoke to a rep at UT she told me that if you unlink the ticket in MDE you will be able to return it to them for a refund. I know that this contradicts what others have said, but she said that once it is unlinked they can sell it to someone else without a problem.


thanks @brklinck , well that is even better. Nothing wrong with having options. Hopefully he'll be able to stick to the trip, but if he does have to cancel it's good to know that I can return it, Though I would likely still save it. I probably will not return to WDW until 2016, so I'm sure this 5-day ticket represents a savings over what a similar ticket will cost in 2016. Thanks for the info.


Just bear in mind that others have spoken to UT and got different answers. Kind of like talking to WDW CMs, actually. However, my impression was that once you unlink the ticket UT cannot tell that it had been linked in the first place.